About us

TransportLAB was launched as a joint venture between branche organization Transport & Logistiek Nederland (TLN) and Swaak&Crooijmans BV in 2013. The first business was to develop a dedicated app shop for the transport and logistics sector. Thereafter, we started various innovation projects. One of these has led to the development of our online community platform.

Over the years, TransportLAB has grown to be an independent, small but professional company that manages consultancy-, project- , innovation- and community assignments in transport and logistics.

Vision and Mission

Margins are small within the transport and logistics sector. Collaboration and innovation is not a luxury but vital in order to keep the sector healthy. TransportLAB envisions a future in which the whole field of logistics and transport is connected because collective knowledge is key for finding solutions. Together we build a future for transport and logistics.

TransportLAB therefore facilitates and stimulates sustainable collaboration and innovation. We connect people and organizations both within and outside their own network by using our knowledge and products. By creating and building up these kind of “communities”, knowledge and experience can be shared and solutions will be found.

We believe in the power of networks, being connected, sharing and getting things done. Connecting “Minds & Matters”